From CBD for Pain Relief to Marijuana for Addiction, Learn to Heal

Speaking & Consulting

Dr. Rav currently speaks publicly and to the medical/health care community on the following topics:

Cannabis for Chronic Pain
Cannabis: A Holistic Healing Herb of the Highest Order
Sinus Survival: Holistic Medicine for Sinus Dis-ease
Fully Alive Medicine: Primary Care for the 21st Century

He also does cannabis consulting, both in-person and via phone, for chronic pain patients and for members of the cannabis industry.

The word doctor is Latin for teacher, and Rav is Hebrew for spiritual teacher.  Dr. Rob (changed to Rav in 2013) Ivker has been teaching patients about creating and maintaining optimal health since 1971, while still in medical school.  This topic remains his greatest passion, in addition to empowering chronic pain and sinus patients to relieve their suffering.

He began teaching physicians and the public about a holistic approach to treating, preventing, and curing chronic sinusitis in 1989 shortly after curing his chronic sinusitis and publishing the first edition of Sinus Survival.  After co-founding the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM) in 1996, he co-created the ABIHM certification examination and directed the first 5 Annual ABIHM Review Courses for physicians.  Today there are more than 3000 ABIHM-certified physicians in the U.S.

He remained on the faculty of the ABIHM Review Course through 2010, and has continued teaching the topics listed above to the public, physicians, and health care practitioners.

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Lecture Reviews

Sinus Survival

Physician Comments:

“Excellent combo of traditional with alternative therapies! Outstanding lecture and would love more from this speaker!”

“Enjoyed the evidence-based medical practice.”

“Extremely helpful, already have my list of patients who will benefit.”

“Funny. Good to share in a few moments of hearty laughs.”

“Great speaker, very useful information, we actually very much appreciated his specific answers to our questions on brand names, etc. so in his case I do not feel that the ‘commercial bias’ question is relevant. His clinical experience dictates the advice he gave, which is extremely valuable.”

“Revolutionary and practical approach.”

Cannabis for Chronic Pain

Physician Comments:

“Great lecture on a topic not readily discussed as positive treatment.”

“I was somewhat skeptical about offering Cannabis to my patients for chronic pain before hearing Dr. Ivker’s presentation.  He dispelled my misconceptions about Cannabis.  The information he conveyed in his lecture and in his book should be heard or read by all physicians to better understand how and when Cannabis can help their patients.” -Ellice Goldberg, DO