What is Chronic Pain and How Can Cannabis Be Your Solution?

Relieve your pain and heal your life.

If you are among the 100 million Americans suffering with chronic pain, this may be the book for you. Whether your problem is arthritis, back pain, neuropathy, migraine, or menstrual cramps, medical marijuana has proven to be remarkably effective for relieving the pain of nearly all of our most common chronic pain conditions. Unlike opioids which are killing more than 150 people daily from overdosing, it’s also quite safe. Most patients using cannabis as medicine are able to significantly reduce or eliminate their opioids, anti-inflammatories, anti-anxiety drugs, muscle relaxants, and sleep meds.

In CANNABIS FOR CHRONIC PAIN, Dr. Rav Ivker, a trusted family physician who has worked with more than 7500 patients using medical marijuana to relieve their suffering, presents the first authoritative and comprehensive guide for treating chronic pain with medical marijuana. He serves as your expert guide to answer questions, dispel misconceptions, and prescribe the specific cannabis and holistic treatment for your chronic pain condition, so you can finally find relief. The book includes success stories from real-life patients, along with the author’s story of healing himself from a severe case of shingles.

With medical marijuana currently legal in 29 states, there is a compelling need for guidance in the appropriate use of this remarkable herb. Chronic pain is by far the most frequent medicinal use of cannabis, and Cannabis for Chronic Pain provides medical marijuana recommendations for fast-acting pain relief (with and without getting high), as well as dietary suggestions and supplements for twenty of America’s most common chronic physical and emotional pain conditions.

Cannabis is a powerful holistic healing herb, impacting body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Rav guides readers in utilizing the psychoactive effect to help identify the emotional and spiritual factors contributing to their pain. This approach has proven to be highly successful for providing long-term pain relief, significantly reducing and eliminating opioids, addressing the causes of dis-ease, and helping patients heal their lives.

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“Verdict – an excellent source of objective information about medical marijuana.”
Barbara Bibel, Library Journal Review

Dr. Rav Ivker

Holistic Family Physician And Health Educator

Dr. Rav Ivker has spent his entire 5-decade career envisioning a more rejuvenating, compassionate, and healing health care system. He is thrilled to share and guide you in utilizing the most effective tools and self-care practices for relieving your pain, healing your disease, living the life of your dreams, and feeling fully alive!

Heres the buzz:

“An informative approach to an increasingly mainstream topic, and even skeptics may find ivker’s positive energy, encouraging view of life, and generous sprinkling of inspirational quotes from the likes of f. Scott fitzgerald and albert einstein beneficial.”

“Cannabis for chronic pain presents a long-awaited, rational discussion of the potential of cannabis as a therapeutic tool across a wide spectrum of challenging medical conditions. Dr. Ivker provides compelling evidence to support judicious use of cannabis, especially for chronic pain, and reveals that in terms of risk versus benefit, cannabis outshines anything pharmaceutical.”
-David Perlmutter, Md, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Of Grain Brain And Brain Maker

“This book is a valuable resource for anyone suffering with chronic pain, and offers an effective alternative to opioids. It also helps readers address the causes of their pain while providing a holistic self-care approach to long-term relief, utilizing state-of-the-art integrative and functional medicine.”
-Mark Hyman, Md, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Of Eat Fat, Get Thin