What is Medical Marijuana and How Can It Improve Your Health?

Dr. Rav Ivker

Holistic Family Physician And Health Educator

Welcome to the DR RAV website. Hi, I’m Dr. Rav. For nearly my entire 5-decade career as a holistic family physician and health educator, I’ve been envisioning a more rejuvenating, compassionate, and healing health care system. I’m thrilled to share this vision with you and to guide you in utilizing the most effective tools and self-care practices for relieving your pain, healing your dis-ease, living the life of your dreams, and feeling fully alive!


For the first 15 years as a family doctor I saw myself as a fixer-of-broken- parts as well as a health educator. But after curing chronic sinusitis in 1987 I realized that I and everyone else have much to learn about creating a state of optimal well-being. Today, holistic (body-mind-spirit) health education is the focus of my practice, this website, and my life. I call it Fully Alive Medicine.

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Marijuana and Pain Relief

The practice of medicine is based on science.  As a result of cannabis being illegal in the U.S. since 1937, the science of cannabis medicine is still relatively sparse as [...]

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